Sustainable health and wellness products.

Calyrich believe the most valuable and enduring business outcomes are the ones
that are beneficial to society and help the planet thrive.

Sustainability Is the Core of Calyrich

CSR Commitment

Design for Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility

Let's achieve sustainable growth with society. ​

At Calyrich, we maintain a steadfast commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), consistently aligning with our valued customers in support of CSR initiatives globally. Our active engagement in various sustainability endeavors underscores this dedication. By participating in industry-specific organizations, Calyrich collaborates with sector leaders to guide our respective industries towards enhanced sustainability. This concerted effort aims at minimizing the societal and environmental footprint of corporate operations, thereby fostering a more sustainable future.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • Safety takes precedence, and we adhere rigorously to laws and regulations throughout our product manufacturing process.
  • We will establish and follow CSR goals as a guiding framework for our company.
  • We are committed to both environmental safety in our products and services and prioritizing the social environment.

Positive Contribution

  • We believes the most valuable and enduring business outcomes are the ones that are beneficial to society and help the planet thrive.
  • Calyrich champions green practices, integrating sustainability into our core business model.
  • We actively contribute to community upliftment, ensuring our operations benefit both society and the environment.

Design for Sustainability

Calyrich is dedicated to adhering to legal norms and diminishing operational hazards, while forging new competitive edges in technology, management, and operations. Our approach includes a close collaboration with partners and suppliers, focusing on the development of eco-friendly products to lessen environmental footprints. We are steadfast in actualizing our green corporate social responsibility, collectively striving towards a more sustainable global future.

US/EU Certificate

Green Product Management


Sustainable development is grounded in the principle of environmental stewardship, prioritizing eco-conscious materials and practices.


Transparent sourcing, ensuring clear traceability of materials, coupled with assured, reliable cooperation in all our business partnerships


Emphasizing efficient, quality-controlled production is crucial for meeting our customers’ delivery timelines.


To minimize environmental waste, we refrain from the use of excessive packaging, employing eco-friendly practices in our approach to packaging solutions.


Enhancing product repairability contributes significantly to environmental protection and waste reduction, aligning with our sustainability goals.


Product designs emphasize eco-efficiency, utilizing more reused, recycled, and upcycled materials that can be recycled or upcycled again.


Improved product repairability fosters environmental protection and waste reduction.


The products emphasize eco-efficiency, using more reused, recycled, and upcycled materials that can be further recycled or upcycled.

Save today, use tomorrow. Calyrich possesses the capability to create a remarkably sustainable economy—one that safeguards the environment while fostering innovation, prosperity, meaningful employment, and true security.

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