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Calyrich specializes in the development and production of silicone-based products, focusing on sectors such as personal care, medical, adult novelty, beauty, smart wearables, and baby products.


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Calyrich located in Hong Kong, excels in developing and manufacturing silicone products.



We can’t believe it either. Where does the time go?

Successful Projects


And these are just some of our larger offerings! Additionally, we have a thousand or more dozens private label projects and numerous smaller tasks.



That’s what the analytics tell us… our projects have delighted over 90 million people!

Testing Devices


That’s the number of testing devices on our lab desk right now. We’re pretty thorough.


What expertise do you have in silicone product manufacturing?
We excel in the design, material selection, quality control, and discreet packaging of silicone products, particularly in the fields of personal care, medical, adult novelty, beauty, smart wearables, and baby products. Our deep understanding of industry regulations and trends ensures the safety and innovation of our products.

What sizes and scopes of products can you handle?
In the silicone product industry, we are capable of handling a wide range of sizes and scopes, from small personal care items to complex smart wearables, meeting a variety of needs.

Are you open to collaborations and new projects?
Absolutely! We warmly welcome collaborations and new projects in the silicone product field, valuing innovative thinking and unique ideas. Feel free to contact us to explore potential collaborations.

How do you determine lead times for manufacturing?
Once we grasp your needs and product concept, we will provide an estimated completion time based on the complexity of the project and manufacturing requirements. We are committed to delivering high-quality manufacturing services and efficient project execution. Please contact us to start discussing your project requirements.


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Located in Hongkong, Calyrich stands out as a unique entity in the vibrant cityscape of the region, enjoying its distinct geographical advantages in the heart of Asia.

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